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Hey, love!

I'm Claire, somatic coach and business mentor for female founders of soul-led businesses (holistic practitioners, energy healers, soul coaches).

With 20 years' business and marketing experience, and as a yoga teacher and somatic practitioner, I help you build a business that feels good both inside and out.


I call it, doing business the divine way 💫

It's time to align

Let me guess, you love what you do. When you're in the flow and serving clients you love, everything feels fully aligned.


But when it comes to working on your marketing and business strategy? Well, that's another story entirely. 

And that's where I can help, my love. I support you in your journey of aligning your inner work and outer business strategy.


I call it, doing business the divine way. 💫


If you're ready to get into crystal clear alignment with your soul business so you can attract those dreamy soul clients, you're in the right place.


Align your inner work with your outer business strategy

As a yoga teacher I live my life by the principles of inner alignment and union.


Yoga in its simplest form means 'union' - bringing together the feminine and masculine, the light and the dark, and embracing the messy middle with kindness and compassion! 


I apply these principles in all areas of my life, including the way I do business.


My approach with clients is the same - inner alignment first, to then create a business strategy that is fully aligned to you - body, mind and soul.​

Ways to work with me

There are two ways you can work with me - whether that's getting your soul-led business off the ground with 1:1 mentorship, or outsourcing your copywriting as you scale,

I can help you get your message out to the world. 🌍

1:1 Soul Business

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the external noise about what you *should* be doing in order to grow your business?

Work with me 1:1 where we unify your inner and outer strategies to build a business aligned to you and your soul clients.

Rose Quartz.png
Crystal Clear Copywriting

You want to get your message out there, but you just don't have the time, or quite frankly the patience, to write it all down.

If you want marketing copy (webpages, blogs, emails) that attracts those dreamy ideal clients, I'm your woman.

A bit about me

From corporate marketing to magical mentor

I've combined my decades of strategic marketing experience in the corporate world, with my love for storytelling and soul-led practices.

As my own life became more magical, I became disillusioned with the corporate world, and in December 2022, took the leap full time into my own soul-aligned business. 

I'm now a business mentor, somatic practitioner, yoga teacher and dogmum to a 50kg German Shepherd, Loki.


Find out more about me and see if we're in alignment with each other to make magic together 🪄

“Working with Claire has given me such clarity and confidence in marketing my business, I'm able to trust my intuition more and move from procrastination into aligned action so much more quickly."



Your story is needed.

As a soul-led female founder, your most potent marketing asset is your story. I know you have a powerful story that led you to this point of birthing your own business and creating transformational change for your clients.

Now more than ever we want to feel deeply connected to the businesses we buy from, and the people we do business with. It's time to step out of the shadows and share your unique magic.


Birthing a soul business that's close to your heart takes great energy - and we all need support along the way. 

If you're ready to take bold action and stop getting in your own way, I'm here for it - just think of me as your soul business doula! 

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